young fan draws

Last updated : 27 January 2012 By Shaded

You may remember a story we featured recently about Junior Dee Lyndsey Bennet who was given a day to remember as a club mascot v Falkirk after missing out on a birthday message in the match programme.  Well, Lyndsey wasn't the only one in the family who had an exciting day as big brother Alasdair wowed the lads in the dressing room with his drawings of them in action.  At just 12 years old, Alasdair may be a young lad but we think he has a great future ahead of him if his player portraits are anything to go by.  Community Director Jacqui Robertson asked Alasdair what he made of his day.
"It was a great game!  It’s not often that you see that many goals in a match.  I go to a lot of the games and I really enjoy it.  I haven't missed a game this season.  It’s really disappointing if Dundee put on a bad performance and lose, but when we score it’s brilliant and the atmosphere is amazing.

"I really enjoyed my day – getting to meet all the players was amazing!  Jake Hyde and Kyle Benedictus took most interest in my drawings and kept following me about so that they could see the drawings of the other players!  I was so happy that I was allowed to go into the changing rooms to meet the players with my sister who was, after all, the real mascot.

"I have always enjoyed drawing and one day decided to draw one of the players who was in the programme.  After that I drew all of the other players.  I kept asking my dad how I could get them signed, so  I was really happy when you phoned up telling us that Lyndsey would be mascot because that meant that I could get them signed.  I spent a couple of weeks beforehand working really hard redrawing all of the pictures to make them better.  I was so glad to get them signed after all the hard work!"

Well done Alasdair and we are so glad you had such a good day along with your sister.  More of Alasdair's player drawings can be found here.  We’re sure you’ll agree he’s a talented lad!