Wullie Reilly RIP

I got the dreaded text last night that Wullie had passed away,for anyone who never had the pleasure to meet the man,you missed an opportunity to meet a genuine very witty person loved by everyone that came into contact with him.

He was the fan that EVERY football club wish that they could have,yes Mr Dundee fc,storys are abound with Wullies shennanighans,yes he would give it out but he could also take it back.

I always new Wullies face but it was only over the last year or so that i got to know him better,never forget the time he shouted me over in the penman when i was taking the young lass for her 1st game at dens,"graeme whats her name followed by can i take her to the club shop?ten minutes later the pair of them return grinning from ear to ear,"couldna hae the wee lass wearing a pink scarf on her first visit to dens he said,and she wouldnt allow me to buy her dfc slippers so i took her over to the corner shop and got her sweets instead,that was about a year ago and when Wullies picture was in the tele a few weeks ago the young lass instantly said thats the man who bought me the scarf.thats the type of impression Wullie made on you, once you had the good fortune to be in his company you never forgot him.

I could go on for ages about some of the storys iv had relayed to me from guys like John Gordon,but the best one i heard was from Davy Young when Wullie got knocked over by a bus in London,when the forms came through about the accident,Wullie was asked where the nearest pedestrian crossing was,Wullies answer was just behind my left shoulder and then preceeded to name his pal who had been with him.

Wullie will be missed hugely by the people closest to him and also by the people of Dundee no matter what team they supported,if ever there is a film made about Dundee FC and its fans you can be assured the best actor would be given the roll of Mr Wullie Reilly,

The world truelly is a worse off place with the passing of Wullie but  the highstand at dens will be far better place.

Rest in peace Wullie