wullie reilly boardroom visit

For Dundee's last home game, a very special guest was invited into the Boardroom.  Wullie Reilly was Director Maurice Kidd's guest for the afternoon.  Maurice said "It was with great delight I was able to invite Wullie to the Boardroom for the Ross County game.  Wullie's illness has been well documented, however I must say on a personal note, since becoming a Club Director, I have been heartened each time I see him, when despite his own serious problems, he has always taken time out and given me a wink and a 'you're doing a good job, keep it going'.

"Having known Wullie for many years, and being acutely aware of his obsession with the Club, that has been greatly appreciated.

"Wullie's escapades are many and legendary, however my own personal favourite takes me back to the last game of the season in Stranraer in 1995, when Dundee had to win by 6 goals to be promoted.  Typical of us, we won 5-0 and missed out by a goal!

"However, in this dingy wee pub before the game, the dour faced landlord had been haranguing any Dundee fans who walked through the door with the welcome, 'Get they scarves aff.  Nae colours in here.'

"Everybody was dutifully removing the offending items, when 10 minutes later, the bold William walks through the door adorned in Dundee top hat, scarf, shirt, shorts and socks!  'Chaps', said the landlord, and the pub was soon in party mode!

"Everyone at the Club wishes Wullie the very best in his battle with this ruinous disease, and hopefully the boys on the park can continue to put that glint in his eyes.

One of the very best, and very much one of the Dundee family."