Two new Dens Directors

from the sunday post
Dundee are set to appoint two new directors in the coming days.The first will replace Eddie Devlin,who resigned last week as boardroom representative of majority shareholder Dundee FC Supporters society.

It is understood that man is Dave Forbes current interim chairman of the DFCSS.
Forbes only stepped in as fans boss after previous chairman George Harris resigned over ex manager Barry Smiths sacking,but he is a long time DFCSS board member.

The second new director meanwhile is believed to be a major current investor in the dens park club.
Though his identity remains uncertain,English based Bill Colvin is a strong contender.

Colvins a former CEO of southern cross healthcare,oversaw a six figure cash injection which helped DFCSS secure its current 52% shareholding as the emerged from administration in 2011.Since then he has retained an interest in the club

Colvins affiliation with the dens park outfit stems from his father in law Bill Gordon who was a life long fan and whose estate bequested the six figure sum.

Forbes was last night unwilling to comment.

once again we have to read it else where to have confirmation of what we were talking about for the last 24 hours,absolutely shocking that there is no clarification on either the offical site or the dfcss site