SPL winter break

Well once again the spl make an absolute mockery off them selfs,just what is the point in shutting down the spl where the clubs must have undersoil heating so all games would be on,whilst letting the lower league teams play on through the period the spl are closed and their pitches dont have heating infact some dont even have covers.

As is often the case the spl resumes just as the bad weather starts,surely the power crazy beaks in the spl know that the Scottish climate is unpredictable to say the least from nov to march,yet they pick two weeks middle january to close down,i would love to hear the reasoning behind that idea.

It really goes to show that they dont have a clue as far as the game in Scotland is concerned,mybe they have their winter vacations every year during this period.

How long do the long suffering fans in Scotland have to put up with their nonesense,going a bit deaper into their incapabilities then look no further than the proposed league re construction,do these people never learn?and more importantly reseach how the system got on in Austria,they obviously didnt as it was a failure and a few clubs never survived the austrian fa's madness,but typical on the spl/sfl/sfa they no douby never bothered or reckoned that they could make it work.