society board meeting

On Sat January 12, Dundee FC Supporters’ Society held its first official board meeting of the year. With one director still away on business, the remainder of the group met, eager to move forward and face any challenges the New Year may bring. It was decided at the meeting that in order to keep fans up to date on what is happening in and around Dens, to give updates after board meetings. With minutes from meetings needing approval, this allows us to feed back to our members as quickly as possible. It should be noted that these updates do not replace any minutes, which we will still look to publish as soon as is practicable, and may not cover everything in those minutes.

The club have been the subject of much press speculation over the last few weeks, and the Society Board felt it was important to once again confirm its support for the manager. The Society Board would also once again like to stress that information appearing in the media does not always come from within the Club or Society Boards and any information regarding the club will appear on the club website.Any information appearing in the press may not always be accurate for that reason, and the Society would urge its members to always check the official club website for the latest accurate information.  The Society Board today backed the manager again, with the members who also serve on the club board stating that the Club Board was equally unequivocal in its backing of the Manager, and the Society and Club boards  reiterate their commitment to continue to allow the manager any available resources to look after all footballing aspects of the club