Rip George Whytock

Dundee Fc Supporters’ Society were saddened to hear of the passing of WW” veteran, and DFC fan George Whytock at the weekend. George was a lifelong Dee, and fellow army man and Dundee supporter John Castle had a few words to say about his close friend.

‘I first met George on the Dundee Social Club Bus and he would travel to all of the away matches.I used to travel on this Bus to the matches and he was always sitting at the front telling everyone where to go.’


‘This must have been around 1978 as i was about 11 and remembered him then.I got to know George really well around 1995 as I visited the Dundee Social Club. We got on well as he liked the fact that I was in the Army and he would tell us about all of his stories when he was in the Army. He served in the Service Corps during the Second World War and saw action in South Africa and Italy.’


‘I introduced my family to George and my Son Charlie loved to visit George all of the time and George always liked talking to Charlie about the old days.I also got on very well with his Daughter Linda and his carer Maureen.’


‘George was a proud Soldier and always attended the Remembrance Parade as a Soldier along with the rest of the Veterans.A few years ago, Linda informed me that George could not attend the Remembrance Parade because he could not walk. I Then told her to get a wheelchair and I would push him at the Parade.I had the honour of attending this Parade for two years and George then informed me that he also wanted my Son Charlie to push him at last years event.Charlie was delighted and pushed him at last years event.’


‘I even had to lie to on

e of Dundee's best players in order to get his attention. Charlie Cooke was at the Player of the Year Award Dinner a few years back and George was in attendance at this event. George was at the back of the room and wanted to speak to Charlie Cooke but couldn’t get their due to his wheelchair.’


‘I asked Charlie Cooke to come and visit my Grandad at the back of the room as George wanted to talk to him.Charlie Cooke told me to wait a minute then asked me to take him to George, they  spent 10 minutes talking, George was chuffed to bits.’


‘George must have spent many a year supporting Dundee and he has had the honour of seeing the Dees in their Glory Years,he was always in the Bobby Cox wrapped up and cheering his team on. A well kent face, and another sad loss to the Dundee Community. It was a privilege to know George and my Family will miss him.’