RIP Alice and George

Alice McGregor may not have received the media attention of Ronnie, but her devotion to Dundee was certainly his equal. During Administration, staff at Dens were greeted one day with the sight of two ladies who could only be described as long serving Dee devotees.  Alice and friend Margaret Webster turned up with a bag of coins they had collected, donating the money to the club they both loved. In the first administration, the pair had actually handed over the money they had for a holiday to help, 
Alice and Margaret had been coming to Dens since teenagers, with Johnny Pattillo being a favourite player. , Alice remembered him fondly when she and Margaret visited the Boardroom in 2011 saying ‘he had nice feet.’Dave Webster, another well known face around dens was full of praise for Alice, ‘it was a well kept secret by Alice and her pal that they donated all their holiday savings to Dundee FC when they were in admin, even her family didn’t know.  But I doubt they'd have been surprised, she was Dundee daft


George ‘Podge’ Falconer was the striking partner of Gordon Wallace at three different clubs, starting out at Montrose, before moving to Raith in 1967, scoring 33 times in three years, before moving to Dundee to team up with his old partner.

Daughter Kerry remembered her dad, and his love of the Dark Blue, ‘He was the only Dundee supporter when all 7 of his siblings were united supporters. He was Dundee daft - he even refused to go to a derby if it wasn't at Dens. He loved Dundee he lived Dundee - it really was his other true love.’

George Harris, chairman of DFCSS and DFCSCA had this to say about an old friend. ‘George was a very good friend of mines, and a stalwart DFC man, he played for Dundee in the early 70,s .He was a regular in the DSC and he drank there every home game. He was a very funny man and well liked by everyone who knew him. His knowledge of the game was second to none. His passing is a sad loss.’

Dundee mad would like to pass on condolences to all the families involved, and would ask Dundee fans everywhere to raise a toast, to three well liked and respected Dundee fans. The three all leave behind a mark on Dundee FC and we are sure they will continue to watch over Dundee FC from the high stand