New manager?

Last updated : 16 May 2019 By Shaded

Big Rab Douglas names  the guy who he would rate for the next dee manager,Adams would be the guy I’d bring in to get things moving in the right direction again.

Of course, Nelms should wait until all the applications are in. You never know if somebody will come out of the blue who you might not have thought about.

But I’d be surprised if anyone’s CV matches up to Adams’.

I don’t know him personally but I’ve been told he is a football anorak and he has earned respect in the game.

He’s got three promotions to his name – in England and Scotland.

And the most important one is with Ross County in the division Dundee now find themselves in. County blew the field away to win the title that season.

He’s been a success everywhere he’s gone really.

OK, Plymouth have just sacked him but that seemed harsh and it doesn’t wipe out the good job he did there before that.

You don’t last four years at a club if you’re not effective at your job.

David Hopkin would have been the other guy I’d have backed but he’s heading back to Morton.

Like I said, though, Adams is my number one choice.

And don’t listen to these people who question whether Dundee is an attractive enough job.

The Americans have backed the last few managers and they’ll back the next one.

Hopefully James McPake and Gary Irvine will make sure the season finishes with a win against St Mirren and then the new man can get everybody looking forward to a title-winning campaign the year after.