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Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Limited
Moving Forward Together

 Minutes of the Meeting of Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Ltd. held at Park Hotel on
                     Wednesday 13th November 2013, commencing at 7.00pm

Present – Peter Campbell (PC); Ross Day (RD); Chris Wallace (CW); Mike Jeffries (MJ)
Graham Pert (GP); Barbara Tough (BT); Dave Forbes (DF)

Apologies – Colin Reid (CR): Bob Hynd (BH)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.10pm and welcomed all to the Park Hotel. He Stated that this get
together was for John Knight to take the Society Board over the financial statements prior to the AGM
however the Society Board would hold a short meeting to conduct pressing business but not a full meeting.

The minutes for the Society meeting held on 9th  October 13 were read and approved, proposed by RD and

seconded by CW

The minutes for the Society meeting held on 24th  October 13 were read and approved, proposed by MJ and

seconded by RD

Correspondence has been received from the Secretary of the Dundee Institute of Architects. asking the
Society to cease referring to BH as an Architect. The Chairman spoke with BH prior to the meeting and it
was agreed that any reference to BH and Architecture should be phrased Bob Hynd, Senior Partner of one
of the largest firm of Architects in Dundee.

BT informed the board that one of the people lined up to be part of the Society’s new financial team would
now be unable to commit the time required due to a personal issue.
Two volunteers who had expressed an interest in helping out have qualities that would make them suitable
to help the financial team. BT will contact the two volunteers to discuss and report back in time for the next meeting.

With essential business taken care of the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.05pm and invited John Knight
to give a pre AGM briefing on the Society’s finance.

             The Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Limited is registered with the FCA under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965
                             Registration Number 2639 RS – registered address 14 City Quay, Dundee DD1 3JA.