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Last updated : 28 January 2014 By Shaded

-Minutes of our previous meeting held on the 13/01/14 were approved and will be posted online tomorrow

-Hopeful the Live Streaming and new DFCTV website will be ready to launch for Saturdays home game. Watch this space!

-New membership packages breakdown agreed, Gold + and Diamond to join the two current membership schemes. Exile package will also be available for those out with the UK, this package will provide a live streaming season ticket

-Progress is being made on ensuring the Society is ready for the implementation of the annual membership fee from the 1st of June, as voted by members at last years SGM.

-Fans' Rep, Colin Reid, told the board he had recieved many emails following Saturdays defeat and that he would endevour to represent the fans views in the boardroom


As always full minutes will be made available once approved at the next Society Board meeting


Ross Day

Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Limited
Moving Forward Together

DFCSS Ltd Board Meeting – Minutes  
Monday 13th of January 2013 at 7:30pm, LRJH Offices.  
Present: Peter Campbell (PC), Graham Pert (GP), Ross Day (RD), Chris Wallace (CW), Carol Findlay  
(CF), Bob Hynd (BH), Dave Forbes (DF), Ian Baird (IB)  
Apologies: Mike Jeffries (MJ), Colin Reid (CR),  
Chairman PC opened the meeting at 7.42pm  
      1.    Minutes from Previous Meeting   
            Recap of last meeting and minutes from 21/11/2013.  PC proposed amendments to minutes  
            and CW seconded. RD publish on DFCSS website once amended.  
      2.    Actions arising from previous meeting 21/11/2013  
            -Society have received a blank presentation cheque to be used for all future presentations  
            -To try and improve our communication with those not online, we are to utilize noticeboards  
            in the Bobby Cox and outside club shop. PC to arrange. DF to also give a brief overview of  
            society business at his Seniors meetings  
            -Society Board presented with the final figures for the Junior Dark Blue Xmas party and the  
            sick kids hospital visit. Costs approved by the board and sent a vote of thanks to all volunteers  
            for their time and effort.  
            IB raised concern over the lack of media coverage the Society received from these events,  
            something we need to improve on in the future.  
      3.    Financial  
            Bank signatories – It was agreed that CF should be added to the signatories for our accounts  
            going forward to enable her to have full access to all information as financial director. BH has  
            also volunteered to be a signatory as he is based in the centre of Dundee and available to sign  
            cheques when required  
      4.    Fans Representative Report  
            Manhattan Works – BH talked us through the proposal for Manhattan works and the  
            partnership with Showcase the Street. Currently awaiting planning permission approval.  
            South Enclosure Toilets – BH & GP indicated that the build was nearing completion and the  
            new ladies toilets would be open by the end of the month  

                  The Dundee FC Supporters’ Society Limited is registered with the FCA under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965  
                           Registration Number 2639 RS – registered address Dens Park Stadium, Sandeman Street, Dundee DD3 7JY.