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Thousands of Dundee fans from around the world have been going the extra mile for the cause since the club went into administration, and none more so than Graeme Brymer.  Graeme (47), perhaps better known as the Dundee Mad poster and moderator ‘Shaded’, struck upon the idea of creating a giant flag, which supporters would pay for the privilege of having their names printed on, to fly at Dens Park.

After ‘flagging’ up the possible fundraiser on Mad, Graeme was immediately inundated with enquiries from interested parties.  In the end, 1118 people paid £30 each to have their name added to the flag and – coupled with donations – the initiative raised a massive £38,600 in total.

Acting on a further fundraising idea initiated by John Brown from the club’s Commercial department, Dundee Mad posters chipped in to thank and congratulate Graeme for his sterling work by paying for him and his partner to watch the Falkirk game in hospitality.

Everyone involved with the Society would once again like to thank Graeme for the phenomenal effort he put in to raising so much money for the club he loves.

Here, he speaks to DFCSS reporter Craig Gilruth about the flag idea, his day in hospitality, and his Derry life in general.

What made you think of creating the flag?

Well, I was just sitting having my tea one night and thinking that Dundee were desperate for money so I thought of a flag and getting people to pay to put their name on it.  I went and had a look on the internet and see if there was anything like this done before and I couldn’t find anything.  I posted on Dundee Mad and I got 35-40 responses within 15 minutes, so I made some calls and emails and started from there.

Harry [MacLean] was also a great help, and I also got a lot of assistance from others too.  I know I wouldn’t have managed it without their help, but I especially need to thank John Falconer who did a lot for me, helped me out with the flag and was the one who did all the artwork, put the names onto the flag etc.  He also sent it to someone he knows to get it made and paid for that himself so there was no extra charge for me.

All in all, there were about 1400 names on the flag in the end, and we raised £38,600, which is a huge amount to raise considering it was just a 10 second idea that I had.  We even had people sending their names from Sweden, America, New Zealand, from all over the world.

The club and my friends have been very good to me.  My partner and I were delighted when we got a phone call to say we had been given Hospitality at Dens for the game against Falkirk.  We were very thankful for this, and had a really great day and we both loved it, so thank you to everyone who made that happen.

How long have you been supporting Dundee Football Club?

Since way back.  For a very long time, back to my school days as far as I can remember

What is your favourite memory of supporting the club?

Well there has been a good few.  The one I mostly remember was when I was about 10 years old and my dad took me to Dundee against Rangers at Ibrox Park 1973/1974.  Dundee won 3-0 and it was just a great game.  Dundee were brilliant to watch – they played Rangers off the park and it was a well-deserved victory.  There was also when Dundee were in Europe, that was a great time.  And of course every victory over Dundee United has been good!

There was also me getting to show my son around the board room which was a great experience for him when he was younger.  There was also seeing Claudio Caniggia playing, he was absolute amazing player and was great to watch.

And the worst?

At Livingston when we were relegated. That is always in my mind.  There is also going into administration for the second time so soon after the first.  They are definitely the worst memories.

How do you feel about the events that have occurred over the last few months?

I think all of this could have been avoided, but once again promises were broken to the fans.  I do take my hat off to all the Dundee fans, players, people up at the club everyone who has put their money into the club.  I think the club, players and fans have achieved a huge amount since going into administration.  The players have done a lot on and off the field, which is great to see.  The club – the players and the fans – are like one big family now and they are staying together and standing by each other through it all.

I definitely give the players a huge amount of respect because of what they have done considering they have watched their workmates and friends lose their jobs.  They have been tremendous throughout it all, and I definitely respect them for that.

How do you feel the club has changed over the years?

Well since going into admin for the second time the club has been listening a lot more than before, and the players have been great too by turning up to more events and there is now a lot more togetherness from the club/players and the fans.

Do you think Dundee can still survive in the first division even with the 25 point deduction?

Most definitely I do.  The fight of the players on and off the park has been amazing, and I think they have done a great job to put us back in the race and I absolutely believe we can stay up.  I think the SFL have definitely tried to relegate us from the league by giving us the big points deduction, but the players and club have fought it, and I know they will continue to do so and keep us in there.