Football Reminiscence project

A new Football Reminiscence project run by Alzheimer Scotland is currently in the planning stages in Dundee.  Michael White and his team of volunteers will be visiting Dens for the visit of Queen of the South on 10th April and, while more information about the project will be available then, to help the project take off, some help is required from football fans.  The Society would like to encourage anyone who can help to please do so, here is a brief outline of what fans can do to help.

The Football Reminiscence project has already been trialled in a few places in Scotland, and is now looking to expand throughout the country, its aim is to meet with patients of Alzheimer’s Disease and discuss a topic they love, namely football, and in our case, Dundee FC.  The team in Dundee are in the process of setting this up, and with the ever-helpful Pat Liney on board, are looking to make a difference to these patients.  In order to do this, the team will be looking to use visual aids, i.e. photographs from the history of Dundee FC.

So here is where Dundee fans come in.  When Alzheimer Scotland come to Dens, it is hoped to have a scanner in the Bobby Cox concourse, where the charity can scan any old Dundee FC photographs that fans bring with them.  The photographs will not be kept nor damaged in any way, they will simply be scanned and returned straight away, and they will only be used to help patients with Alzheimer’s

Alternatively, if you have a scanner at home, you can scan the images yourselves and either copy them to disc and bring them that way, or you can email them to Society Volunteer Grant Cook who will collate all the photographs and pass them onto the team.

Ideally, the photographs will be from before 1980, as the patients are generally a bit older, and the idea is to stimulate memories of when they were attending football regularly.

Dundee FC Supporters' Society would like to appeal to all Dundee fans to help out, if you can, with any photographs they have that may be of use in this project.  We would ask that you please bring them along on 10th April (either the photographs themselves or scanned to a CD) or email them using the link above.  Indeed, if you cannot attend the match and don't have access to a scanner but would like to help, please send an email and an alternative means of collection can be arranged.