feedback from the supportersworkshop

On Wednesday 2nd May, James Proctor (Project Manager, National Football Supporters' Charter) held a Supporters' Charter Workshop in the Andy Penman Lounge, which was attended by representatives of a few of our Supporters’ Clubs.  James made it clear that he was there to represent the fans' views to the football authorities, eventually bringing together supporters, clubs, safety officers and the police into open and frank discussions about how to improve the experience of ‘going to the match’.

The evening began with an ‘ice breaker’, asking those present to give a little background and remember their best moment following Dundee FC.

Obviously winning the title in Perth came up, but other great memories were the second Cologne ga

me (winning 5-4 on aggregate when 4-2 down with little time left), the trip to Perugia came high on the list (even for Brian Marshall who missed the game through food poisoning!), the League Cup win, the penalty shoot-out at the end of the cup-tie with Hearts and a certain trip to Stranraer where John Burke met his future wife.  The 9-2 result wasn’t too shabby either.

Attendees were then asked to consider their main positives and negatives about being supporters.  Positives included the sense of camaraderie and great times; meeting up for home or away games, with the anticipation of a good performance and a win, and appreciation of skills on view.  Negatives, on the other hand included facilities at many clubs which were poor and would be unacceptable at any other entertainment venue; catering prices and quality; attitude and inconsistency of some away stewarding and police, and restricted viewing for away fans at some clubs.