Dundee Mascot Given Reprieve!

Last updated : 17 January 2002 By Dave Webster
It seems that Deewok, the number one mascot in the SPL, has not been sacked by Dundee, he has just been given time off to cool his paws, so to speak.  

He has incited the anger of Tayside Police in the past by threatening to skoot a high powered water pistol at a policeman (their words, not mines), drove on the park in a toy plastic tractor when we played St Johnstone (affectionately known as the farmers), showed the Hearts fans a placard with Albert Kidd's name on it, (ask a Hearts fan, he'll tell you what that means), and just after the New Year his apparant drinking of water from a plastic bottle, pretending it was his New Year tipple, pushed the Tayside Police over the threshold of tolerance. Apparantly they have no respect for humour and the interests of the fans have been pushed aside.

Yet Deewok gives his time free of charge, only a free ticket to the games being his rewards for sheer hard work and a lot of sacrifice. The funniest and best mascot in the SPL must not be allowed to drift off into the sunset without a fight.

Anyone who reads this you can add your support to Deewok by clicking on the link below and reading his comments about his wee problem and then voicing your opinion on the message board.