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Proposed Dundee Football Club Historical Trust

February 2019, a small Steering Group of Dundee FC supporters met with the intention of forming a Dundee Football Club Historical Trust.

After many stimulating meetings throughout 2019 and into this year and in discussions with the Dundee Football Club Board the Steering Group has successfully secured an agreement to operate independently from the Football Club but with the full backing, support and blessing of the Club.

Established on a voluntary basis by a group of supporters, the proposed Historical Trust is now well advanced with the application process for securing charitable status and anticipates that all necessary approvals will be in place well before the end of 2020.

The proposed Trust will be an extremely proactive organisation that works to preserve, celebrate and share the rich heritage of Dundee Football Club and the memories of its players, management and supporters.

The Trust will be responsible for raising revenue to implement current and future projects, community events and memorabilia purchases. As a result, contributions from fans, other individuals and organisations, whether via memorabilia loaned or donated, or financial support will be greatly appreciated to ensure that current and future projects can be realised and the history of the Football Club safely preserved as a legacy for future generations.

The Trust will acquire, preserve, maintain and exhibit artefacts, records and memorabilia of a historical, cultural and personal nature connected with the history and activities of Dundee Football Club, its players, officials, employees and supporters, and to make the same available for public access and educational purposes at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Trust is also in the process of designing and preparing to launch a dedicated website for the purpose of displaying artefacts, records and memorabilia. The Trust will also organise and run events aimed at promoting its activities and raising funds to help with the development of the organisation. The Trust also aims to organise and host exhibitions and lectures for the interest and education of supporters of Dundee Football Club and the wider community.

Finally, the Steering Group is delighted to confirm that the process of gathering memorabilia, artefacts and documents is already well advanced and if anyone wishes to add to the collection by donation or by loan and receive acknowledgement for doing so please contact by email to dfcht2019@yahoo.com to discuss the opportunity.