DFCSS/Dee4Life Members' Consultation

Last updated : 18 July 2020 By Shaded

Dear Member,

Further to my email on the 1 July 2020 I’m pleased to forward a short questionnaire (below) on behalf of the Board which as you’ll appreciate is most important and should hopefully take just a few minutes to reply to. Email responses to contact@dee4life.com by 12noon on Wednesday 22 July 2020 will be greatly appreciated and please note that all responses will be treated as confidential and never associated with individual Members.   

A detailed appraisal of the responses will be swiftly reported to the Members and most importantly will be used to inform the Board’s decisions on any significant additional contributions to the Club and associated organisations. 

It should also be stressed that the Society’s directors are extremely sympathetic toward the financial challenges facing the Club, however, the problem the directors face is that the Society Rules, in common with other Supporters’ Trusts, do not encourage a ‘no strings attached’ donation as has recently been requested by the Club. This is one of the main reasons why the Society directors decided they couldn’t agree to the request as it stood. Another reason is that, as a democratic organisation, and given that a significant amount of reserves had been requested, the directors wish to engage with the Members before taking such a potentially major decision. We therefore provide the following guidance to Members on how their money could potentially be spent within the parameters of the ‘Objects’ and ‘Powers’ in the Society Rules.

To help the directors with their decision making process please study the following suggestions and respond to questions A, B, C and D.

NB: The Society’s reserve allowing all current expenditure commitments is £34,000.

By way of background suggestions, the Society Rules would favour a donation to the Club or related organisation through any of the following suggested routes:

1.1  Share purchase

1.2  Interest free loan

1.3  Support for the activities of ‘Dundee FC in the Community Trust’

1.4  Support for the activities of the new ‘Dundee FC Historic Trust’

1.5  Funding of free season tickets for schools and community groups

 1.6  Funding of stadium improvements to benefit of the supporters        

Question A - Would you be happy for the Society to release a significant amount from the current reserves. Yes / No?

Question B - If Yes, what percentage of the reserves would you suggest?  

Question C - If you’ve responded ‘Yes’ to Question ‘A’ above which of the donation categories 1.1 to 1.6 above would you support?

Question D - If you’ve responded ‘No’ to Question ‘A’ above please explain why, if you wish.

By way of further background information the Board is delighted to confirm giving the following support in the last six months to the Club and associated organisations:

·       £500 donation to Scott Roberts’ Crowdfunding initiative.

·       £888 donation to the ‘DFC in the Community Trust’ soccer schools. 

·       £2,600 donation towards the development of the new 'DFC Historical Trust' website and other costs.  

·       £1,000 grant secured from Dundee City Council to further support the development of the 'DFC Historical Trust'.

·       Managing the successful application process to OSCR for the 'DFC Historical Trust' charitable status and the development of the Trust’s governance documents.

Finally, DFCSS/Dee4Life has a membership approaching 200 and the greater the membership the better placed the Society would be to contribute to the Club. It’s worth pointing out that both at Board and wider membership level there are Members who are also Club shareholders, DSA members, season ticket holders and Dee Lotto members and that all members wish to work for the ultimate benefit of the Club.

I look forward to your email response and if you've any queries please let me know.

Kind regards,

Ian Baird

Director and Secretary