DFC players visit hospital part 1

Last updated : 03 January 2014 By Shaded

Each year, as Christmas approaches, our players pay a visit to the Children’s Hospital in Ninewells, taking gifts for all the young patients. These visits—notable for being a joint effort by the club, the players, the Supporters’ Society and the DSA—are awaited with excitement by the children and can work wonders by boosting their morale. But it’s not only the young patients who benefit. The experience of meeting and chatting with children who show bravery by the bucketful can bring home to the players, blessed as they are with health and strength, how much they have to be thankful for. Jacqui Robertson organizes the event and accompanies the players on their visit and it is she who takes up the story:-

After this year’s visit, new dad Peter Macdonald told me all about the recent addition to his family and how meeting his baby boy made him appreciate the hospital visit even more. “He’s amazing,” said Peter, “the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s just over three weeks old now. My outlook on life has been tenfold ever since that wee thing arrived. I’d do anything for him.” And it was clear that the hospital visit had a profound effect not only on Peter but also on the rest of the players. While at the hospital they met Blake McMillan, a little boy with whom the Dundee fans are very familiar. “That hit home even more,” Peter went on. “I said so to Matty Lockwood when I was talking to Blake. Blake’s mum and dad are incredible with the funding they’ve raised and their outlook on life. They’re determined to find a cure for his illness whether it helps their son or not. That touched me and Matty deeply.”