central dark blues part 1

As we approach the end of year festivities, for one Dundee fan in particular, Hogmanay will be a time to raise a glass to the old year, as he spends the first month of the year as a 'Dryathlete'. Gregor Millar, a founder member of the Central Dark Blues, and dedicated veteran of the Dens Park terraces for over 30 years has decided to give up alcohol for January, as he looks to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. 

Dundee FC Supporters' Society caught up with Gregor to find out why he would take on this task, and how he hoped to achieve his goals. 'Watching Dundee is enough to drive anyone to drink.  I think the winter break is an ideal time to attempt this challenge as the Dee only have the one home game and the Penman will not miss too much of my money going over the bar.  The toughest challenge will be the 2 visits to the capital as that is a popular watering hole for the Central Boys, I'm hoping for a heavy winter and the games are called off so that I can partake later in the year.'aving one last hooley with friends and fellow Central Dark Blues on Hogmanay.  Starting early I'll be found staggering around Falkirk in a desperate attempt to get the last dregs out of the bars before midnight strikes.  The early start on Hogmanay is a valiant attempt to be tucked up in bed to keep temptation afar when all others are topping up their whiskies.  Rest assured I will not touch a drop once the bells have been as in the good traditions of the Dryathlete's Oath - "I promise that I shall take part in Dryathlon™, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern it, committing myself to a month without alcohol, in the true spirit of do-gooding, for the glory of Dryathletes and the honour of Cancer Research UK."'

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