book reminder

As every Dundee Fan is aware, the club had a fairly memorable season last year, docked 25 points by the league, unable to sign players, and in administration.  As most will also be aware, that season was documented in the fantastic book, "It's All About The Memories" co written by Dundee fans Jacqui Robertson and Kenny Ross.  You probably have the book by now.

But there is a problem.  This is a book which may well  keep you up past your bed time, the inside view of the running of a Football Club during administration, combined with reports on games, which obviously includes our fantastic, record breaking unbeaten run is one that will keep you reading when you know you really have other things to do.  On top of that the holiday season is fast approaching, many will be heading to sunnier climes, and this presents a quandary.  Can you take such a treasured item away on holiday with you?  For many, their copy of the book has been signed, some are signed by the authors, some by former players as well, and this makes the copy irreplaceable.

Do you risk damage to this iconic volume, do you risk someone next to you borrowing the book and not returning it, do you risk losing it?  Now these are things that have to be weighed up against having the great story told while sitting in an airport, or sunning yourself at the beach.

Relax Dee fans everywhere, Jacqui and Kenny have come up with a solution to all of these problems. With the help of fellow Dee Iain Munn, this fantastic read is now available on Kindle from Amazon, priced at a fantastic £4.99.

The e-version of the book is obviously a great idea for overseas fans; no waiting for delivery, just order and it’s yours in minutes, and you can have a quick read while you wait for the paper version to arrive!

For those of you thinking you already have the book, why get the e-version, well if the reasons given above are not enough, the kindle version also comes with an interview with Dee goalkeeper and assistant manager Rab Douglas which is not in the original copy, so what are you waiting for?

This kindle version, within hours of its release had leapt into the top 20 sellers in its category, and with profits going to Dundee FC Supporters' Society, how many reasons do you need to go out and buy this version?

The book is available here (or use the widget on the right hand side of this page) and, as previously mentioned, is priced at a very reasonable £4.99, so what are you waiting for?