Dundee FC - A Lifetime Fans View

Last updated : 11 January 2005 By Lifetime Fan
Dark days seem to be ahead for the Dark Blues.

If local radio is to be believed then Scotland international defender Lee Wilkie has signed a pre-contract agreement to sign for Dundee United.
This might just be the last straw for the Derry legions who have suffered through the mismanagement of the Marr brothers, the nightmare of administration and the break up of a very talented and organised squad.

The football now on offer is not appealing to many and certainly value for money for none. Jim Duffy has this week lost the plot and looks to be cracking under the strain of holding this shambles together. Perhaps for his own sake he should look elsewhere for employment opportunities as Lee Mair and apparently Wilkie have done. With approximately 15 players out of contract at the end of the season and very little money to replace them surely the Dens Park hotseat is one of the worst in Scottish football at the moment.

From an ordinary mans perspective its time the Marrs were run out of town. They have nothing to offer the football club and will surely go back to organising busses to Celtic Park or junior football. We just all hope that its not Dundee they are in junior football with!!

Dee4Life have handed over their bargaining chips and are now in a position of relative weakness albeit with a seat on the board for the fans. Sounds good but who else on the board actually listens to the fans representative? Precious few I'd guess.

Whats next for the Dees then? Who knows? It has reached the stage where we seem to be at rock bottom then we find new depths. Do the Marrs have a plan? Answers on a postcard from Mallorca and Florida!!!