Dee4Life - New Chairman

Last updated : 31 January 2009 By Dee4Life

Dee4Life Trust Board met today and high on the agenda was the election of Trust Board Office Bearers. The recently elected Board sees one of two changes to the personnel holding positions within the group -

Chairman - Scott Glenday

Vice Chairman - Stuart Murphy (Development Club rep)

DFC Board Director - George Knight

Treasurer - Alex Kidd

Secretary - Fraser MacDonald

Director - Graeme Adam

Director - Bill Brewster (DSA rep)

Director - Dave Forbes

Director - George Harris

Director - Billy Shepherd (Junior Dees rep)

Director - Graham Smith

For the first time the group will have representation from all three fans groups.

Scott Glenday who recently returned to the Trust after the absence of a year takes over as Chairman from George Knight .

Recent newcomer to the Board Stuart Murphy of the Development Club will assist Scott in his role as Vice Chairman and another who returned recently (Fraser McDonald) takes over the role of Secretary from Nicky Robb who will continue to assist on an informal basis with her administrative duties.

Newly elected Chairman Scott Glenday said that he felt both very proud and privileged taking up his new position adding "I think we've a fantastic group of able and willing people keen to take on the responsibility and the challenges that will bring.

I'm absolutely delighted that for the first time we've now representation from all three fans groups.

It's early days, however I think the combination of the return of one or two former board members and the introduction of a few new faces will see us well equipped to deliver what is expected of us a group.

I strongly believe that there is a part to play for supporters willing to offer any Club some of their own time and effort and it will be part of my remit to ensure that we all pull together and maximize the return that provides.

I'm very keen to ensure the Trust operates with purpose and direction and will always make myself available to anyone that has related matters they wish to discuss.

We all at the end of the day want what's best for our Football Club; I think it's fair to say our supporters have had to give more than most in recent years just to keep the Club alive. Hopefully by continuing to do our bit we can assist the Club gets back to playing their football where we want them to."