Statement number ??? god knows

Last updated : 19 April 2020 By Shaded

Following a request from the Dundee FC Supporters Association on Thursday for the Club to release a statement to further clarify and explain Dundee FC’s voting position in the SPFL resolution of April 8th, we were pleased that the Club not only released an updated statement later that day but that managing director John Nelms also personally contacted a member of the DSA committee by phone.

Without being able to go into some of confidential discussions with other SPFL member clubs, Mr Nelms was more than able to adequately explain the Club’s thought processes and position and demonstrate how he was able to get the best possible outcome for Dundee Football Club in an impossible situation.

When Dundee realised their vote hadn’t been cast on April 10th, the dynamic changed and it is clear to the DSA that Mr Nelms has worked tirelessly since and as a result of the SPFL releasing the results of the ballot before all of the member votes were in, was put in an unfair, undemocratic and difficult position. As a result he and the Club have taken an enormous amount of stick from people desperate for answers when none were ready but stood firm because it was the right thing to do. He kept going and took the hits because he wasn’t happy with the outcome on the table from the resolution and he took all the criticism, lies and accusations that came with it.

With regards to league reconstruction we suspect that none of the 42 SPFL Chairman pushed harder for it than John Nelms and as a result a working party has been established to discuss it, which was not on the table in the original resolution. It would not have been convened had Dundee voted ‘No’ as they had originally intended and this has to be a good thing and in the best interests of Dundee Football Club. We were therefore pleased to learn that John himself will be on that working group and gives proof, if any were needed that John and Tim Keyes are in this for the long haul.

The DSA are therefore happy and satisfied that Mr Nelms worked in best interests of both Dundee Football Club and Scottish Football in general and got the best possible outcome for our Club in a very difficult situation. Yes we have given up a potential play off spot but the reality of the global situation seems to be that the play offs for the 2019/20 SPFL season would never be played. Accepting that and ultimately negotiating to instead get some form of league reconstruction to the discussion table is to be commended as well as other potential changes to the Scottish game that we may not be aware of yet.

The Dundee FC Supporters Association has had a good working relationship with Mr Nelms and his board in recent years and we are grateful that he responded to our request swiftly and satisfactorily and look forward to this relationship continuing in the future.