feedback from the supporters workshop part 2

In general discussion, the meeting felt that under cover seating was much appreciated as an improvement from way back, but there should be standing areas for those who wish to stand as this would help ease the problem of people in front standing and blocking the view for others.

The meeting agreed that police presence was necessary but that it could be reduced/increased, depending on the opposition.  The ‘self policing’ of the Tartan Army was seen as an ideal, but there was an acceptance that there was still a necessity for stewarding and policing at the game in some form.

James asked particularly about communication between the club and the fans and attendees agreed that, in Dundee FC's case, fans get far more information, allowing for confidentiality, than ever before and that it is much appreciated.  Reporting on the Key Performance Indicators was also seen as an excellent way of keeping people informed.  It is only just over a year since we knew we still had a club and this model

 of supporter involvement has come a long way in a short time.

The meeting drew to a close with James confirming that he would be reporting back and that he hoped to be back in Dundee soon to widen the forum to supporters of Dundee FC and Dundee United, possibly Board representatives, safety officers and police.

Indeed, that meeting was due to take place this evening at Tannadice Park.theyhave certainly acted on the stewarding situation thankfully they never decided to withdraw the stewards for the celtic gae though